Firstly, you need to understand the functional movements and biomechanics of the body to understand the mechanics of exercise science and should have a basic or proper knowledge of Anatomy and Kinesiology. Knowing more about Body Mechanics and about your body type, how to train accordingly with biomechanics to groom and shape up yourself with machines (external weight) and free weights to maximize the results in minimum duration without getting injured. We will provide more information on how to customize workout routines for maximum output and to make your workout schedule more interesting and enjoyable so that it may not get monotonous. A general introduction to body planes and body types (ecto, meso, endomorph) will be given and how to train and plan your schedule accordingly with a basic knowledge of nutrition to be followed for better enhancement. Training will be demonstrated for how to customize a workout schedule for each muscle group including all the parameters of resistance training –repetitions, sets, tempo, rest intervals, technique, intensity, frequency of sessions and organizing group of exercises.

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