Aerobic Training

The word Aerobic simply means exercise in presence of ‘oxygen’ or ‘air’. Aerobic training can be considered any physical activity that has the ability to elevate your health rate to its target heart rate and maintain the level for a minimum of 20 consecutive minutes or more. Here we are providing the training concept of performing aerobics which actually is based on the music (beats per minute) so that it gets more interesting and intellectual. We will teach you the authentic dance moves of floor and step (using of an elevated platform) aerobics and how to choreograph them on music as per the beats. And also to put impact in them to make the choreography more intensive so that to burn maximum fat to sculpt and tone yourself in a joyful mode. We will demonstrate you to plan a well balanced aerobic session which will have four components: 1) Warm up : 5 to 7 minutes 2) Choreographing the combinations
3) Cardiovascular conditioning 30-35 minutes 4) Cool down and stretching 5-7 minutes. This will allow you to select your level of participation according to your fitness level. An introduction to basic human anatomy and a brief introduction to nutrition will also be provided.

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